Reduce our environmental impact

CO2 emissions from civil aviation directly impact climate change (2.4% of global emissions). Air transport also affects the climate: for example, the white trails one can notice in the wake of airplanes, primarily composed of water vapor and soot, can have a warming effect when they turn into clouds. Aware of its responsibility in the face of the ecological emergency, Air France takes action.

  • air quality

    Our goal: Reduce our CO₂ emissions by 30% by 2030

    Per passenger-km, compared to 2019

  • Up to 25% less fuel

    Thanks to our new generation of aircraft

  • Daily gestures:

    Recycle 550 tons of plastic bottles, glasses, cartons, and cans.

For travel in the furture, let's rethink how to get around today

We are working to reduce our CO₂ emissions by 30% per passenger per kilometer by 2030 compared to 2019. This target, validated on scientific criteria, confirms that our trajectory is consistent with the Paris Agreement's objective of limiting global warming to below +2°C.

What measure are we taking? Kerosene consumption is the main source of our CO₂ emissions. To significantly reduce these emissions as quickly as possible, we are focusing on three areas: the modernization of our fleet, the use of more sustainable fuel, and the practice of ecopiloting.

A more responsible travel experience

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