Environment Option

You can support our investment in sustainable aviation fuel either during or after booking your ticket.

How does your contribution help ? Air France is committed to increasing the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as much as possible, starting today. With your help, we can increase the volume of SAF purchased and used on future flights. If you are a Flying Blue member, you can  use your Miles to contribute to the purchase of SAF and earn additional XP.


For international flights to Metropolitan France* and Papeete (PPT) between July 18 and September 9, 2024, if you purchase the Environment Option, Air France will match your contribution**. Example: If you purchase an option worth 50 euros, Air France invests the same value (50 euros) to purchase SAF. In total, 100 euros are invested in sustainable aviation fuel. * Except flights to Corsica ** XP earned through the purchase of the Environment Option are not doubled.

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