Premium Economy - Intercontinental flights, Caribbean and Indian Ocean

Premium Economy - Intercontinental flights, Caribbean and Indian Ocean

A spacious cabin and a comfortable, contoured seat

Take advantage of the Premium Economy cabin to rest, read or work in total freedom. With more space and increased peace and quiet, you travel in a personal haven of comfort.

A privileged travel space

Let us delight you with the Premium Economy cabin! Entirely designed with your well-being in mind, this cabin is available on our intercontinental flights. Its elegant design brings about a sensation of relaxation and space, perfect for rest or work. The Premium Economy cabin allows you to travel in perfect serenity: the cabin is separated by a divider on both sides and contains a limited number of seats.


A comfortable and adjustable seat

Equipped with a large and relaxing seat, the Premium Economy seat gives you more space compared to the Economy cabin as well as multiple storage areas. For your ultimate well-being, your headrest, foot-rest and leg-rest adapts perfectly to the contours of your body.


The art of dining

Enjoy a quality meal on board, regardless of your destination.  Your flight is sure to be a gourmet experience!


Everything you need for work and entertainment

To make sure you can enjoy work or play independently, the Premium Economy seat also includes a number of features:

  • a wide personal touchscreen, available throughout your flight
  • a noise-reducing headset*
  • a personal, adjustable reading lamp
  • an electronic PC outlet and a USB port.

c">*Available on most of our flights


Caring for you on board

We'll take care of you at every step of your journey! To ensure your utmost comfort, a fleece blanket and a plush pillow wrap you with softness. You will also find a bottle of water waiting for you on your seat. Our crew will also give you a comfort kit, including a sleeping mask, a pair of socks, earplugs, and a toothbrush and toothpaste.


For your safety, our cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The air is filtered and renewed every 3 minutes. Hand sanitizer are available in the cabin.