How to submit a request to travel with your service dog

Your trained service dog

You can travel in an Air France cabin with your service dog for free, granted you comply with current international regulations. We recommend submitting all requests at least 48 hours* before your flight's departure. If you submit your request after this time, all documentation checks and request processing will be handled at the airport on your departure day. To be allowed on board, your service dog must:

  • Be well-trained
  • Comply with all the health requirements of your departure, arrival, and connecting countries
  • Wear a harness at all times
  • Stay securely fastened to your seat or seat belt.
  • Refrain from obstructing the aisles or the space allocated to other passengers
  • Have irreproachable behavior in all circumstances
  • Not occupy a seat or obstruct emergency exits
  • Be visibly dressed to indicate their service dog status (an identification tag or a visible sign on the harness)
  • Be ready to wear a muzzle if they show signs of nervousness during the trip that could inconvenience or even threaten passengers and flight personnel
  • If your dog is too large to comply with the above conditions, you may place them in the hold, free of charge, provided that you have a suitable crate (this does not apply to snub- or flat-nosed animals, which are not allowed in the hold.)
  • On flights longer than 8 hours, to avoid any hygiene problems in the cabin, you must provide a veterinary certificate indicating that your dog will not have to relieve themselves during the flight.
  • If you need to give your service dog medication onboard to ensure their comfort, please remember to bring their medical prescription.
  • You must bring your dog's service training certification, specifying their service, and a copy of their passport page with breed, weight, and size information.

* 96 hours if you are traveling to or from the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Who should I send my request to travel with my service dog in the cabin to?

Flights from Metropolitan and Overseas France

Flights departing from other countries (excluding the United States)

Special conditions

Flights to/from the United States:  For service dogs traveling on flights to/from the US, we recommend either submitting the following documents via email or providing hard copies at check-in:

  • The two official US Department of Transportation (DOT) service dog travel request forms, completed in English and signed by hand, to be downloaded here:
  • Please note that for flights between other countries outside of the United States, your service dog's passport may be required.
  • You should send all other health and vaccination documents to one of the following email addresses:


Per international regulations, we only accept service dogs trained by a certified and recognized organization on our flight. Non-service dogs or service dogs in training without their trainers are not accepted in the cabin, except in a bag, crate, or in the hold (this does not apply to snub- or flat-nosed animals, which are not allowed on board.) Per applicable transport law, Air France reserves the right to hold you financially liable for any damage your service dog may cause.