Our 8 commitments

Always by your side We are dedicated to making every effort to provide a pleasant and stress-free travel experience, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


We will contact you up until your flight's departure by phone or e-mail about any flight delays, cancelations, or changes to your boarding gate. This service is free of charge and available 24/7. Please provide your contact details in your Air France or Flying Blue account or your booking file so that we can provide you with this service. You can also access updated Air France information via our websites and mobile sites, Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as through your travel agent. Throughout your journey, you can depend on the attentive and personal assistance of our staff and crew.

We respond to you through social media 7 days a week

Have a question? Get in touch via Twitter (@airfranceFR in French and @airfrance in English), Facebook or Messenger! ​Our teams are available 24/7 on social media. You can chat with us in French and English. Or if you prefer, we can respond to you in German, Spanish or Italian during European office opening hours. You can also contact us by telephone or ask us a question via our website.

We offer you alternative solutions

In the event of a flight delay, cancellation, or missed connecting flight, we can find a solution together:

  • We will do our best to transfer you to one of the next flights, with preference to flights with Air France, KLM or SkyTeam partners.
  • We will provide your new schedule via e-mail, SMS or mobile phone.
  • If these solutions are not acceptable, you can book another flight directly via our call centers, our social media accounts or through your travel agent.

In some situations, you can postpone your trip yourself in the “Review/modify your bookings” section of our website. Stay informed about your flight news in real time on airfrance.com. If you change flights, we ensure that your baggage is automatically delivered to your final destination. You can also count on compensation if your journey was interrupted due to an overbooked flight or if your seat was changed to a different travel class from the one you booked.

We ease your procedures

If your flight is canceled or delayed more than 5 hours, you can choose to:

  • postpone your trip to a later date (subject to availability),
  • cancel your trip. To request a refund (excluding service fees), visit airfrance.com. If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them directly.

Our customer service team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have on the terms and conditions for reimbursement if you have incurred additional expenses.

We strive to provide you the best assistance on board

Our staff strives to make your trip an enjoyable experience. If you encounter an issue on board regarding your seat or video screen, for example, we will offer you an alternative solution or compensation.

We assist you in case of delayed baggage

Upon landing, we will let you know about any missing baggage* so you can avoid waiting unnecessarily at baggage delivery. Some airports enable you to declare all missing baggage directly on our website. We will contact you as soon as your baggage is ready to be delivered and we will gladly compensate you for the costs of necessity item purchases. We will also offer you appropriate compensation if your baggage is damaged or not retrieved within 21 days upon arrival.

We offer extra special care for our loyal customers

We offer services with special privileges. SkyTeam Elite members also have priority access to our call centers.

We appreciate your feedback

We do everything possible to make your trip an enjoyable experience. If your journey did not meet with your expectations, please let us know by contacting Air France Customer Care. Our teams will respond to you as soon as possible. Your opinion matters to us, and we appreciate your feedback, which helps us improve our services. Each travel experience is important to us.

* list of eligible routes Air France does its utmost to respect these commitments. In certain extraordinary circumstances, we may be obliged to adapt our response in relation to these commitments.