Flights schedule between France and Mali

Updated on 13 January 2022,  01:00 pm Paris local time   Following the decision of the French authorities, flights to and from Mali are suspended until further notice. As a consequence, flights to and from Bamako for the next few days are cancelled. Customers of the flights concerned have been informed by our services or by their travel agency.  Air France is monitoring the situation in real time and will reschedule the flights as soon as the suspension is lifted.    If your flight is already cancelled, we are not able to offer a rerouting solution. If you purchased your ticket:

  • on our airfrance website: you can request a refund online in the "My Booking" section of our website

  • at an Air France point of contact: you can complete the on line form available in the "Refunds - Request a travel voucher or a refund" section from our website

  • at a travel agency: please contact your travel agency first. They have all the information necessary to process your refund.

 If you wish to modify or cancel your trip, you can do so directly online or by contacting your point of sale.   Our website will be updated in real time as the situation changes. Please refer to this page, our call centers will not be able to provide you with more information.  We thank you for your understanding.